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I'm an awesome fuck

Name; Salty (It's a nickname. Deal.)
Age; Fifteen yearts, sucka'.
Sex; Only if you want. (MALE)
Location; JERSEY

List 5 of your favorite bands: Norma Jean, Bright Eyes, Alexisonfire, Atreyu, Streetlight Manifesto
List 5 of your favorite movies: Clockword Orange, Oh God!, Garden State, Romeo And Juliet (The Modern One), The Mighty Ducks
List 3 T.V shows you watch: The Bill Cosby Show (I LOVE THAT GUY___), Trigger Happy TV, The Daily Show
Favorite Color: Auburn
Favorite Store: Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash (You know Jay and Silent Bob? The guys from Dogma, Clerks, etc... Well, they live near me. And they opened up a shop, which is right down the block. That's right. Fuck you! =])
Favorite Food:Italian

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Why? Shakespeare. Just to get a piece of what his views were, first hand... And Britanny. Duh. Shes so hot.
What's something awesome you have done currently? Uhm. I am alive, aren't I?
Where do you work? I sell writing freelance. And I work it in my bedroom, kitchen, her room, whereva'.
Rate yourself 1-10. 10 Being the best. Explain why.
8. Because I have done stupid things before. And I don't try as hard as I could at thing's that are most important.
Why the fuck should you be accepted? Because I am awesome as hell... And i love bri. =]

Before my haircut.



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