our hearts pump dust (jenna_omg) wrote in awesomefucks,
our hearts pump dust

im an awesome fuck-er =P

Name; jenna marie
Sex; female
Location; fort myers, florida

List 5 of your favorite bands:
1. sublime
2. custom
3. streetlight manifesto
4. modest mouse
5. tiger army

List 4 or 5 of your favorite movies:
1. donnie darko
2. the craft
3. jawbreaker
4. half baked

List 3 T.V shows you watch:
1. friends. my favorite show in the whole world i dont know why they had to end it. those fucktards
2. the news =) heh.
3. trading spaces. yeah im into designing and stuff. kinda geeky.. maybe ..

Favorite Color:
orange orr green. and if you put them together you get my favorite football team!! woo go canes!! [i just realized that i just rhymed.. woot]

Favorite Store:
pac sun or a&e or burdines.

Favorite Food:

sushi!! and strawberry shortcakes. not the actual cake but the thing in the frozen bars.. yummmm

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Why?
jake gyllenhaal. because hes so hot and he makes me want to do bad things to him =)oh yess he does..OO OO and he sings.and thats god damn sexy. fun fact--> he was almost chosen to be the lead an Moulin Rouge.

What's something awesome you have done currently?
well this really isn't that awesome. but it have screwed up the awesomeness from occuring recently. i got grounded about 2 and a half weeks ago for doing a bad deed =X. and i have one week left. BUT i will get back to you on that one. no bout o doubt it</b>

Where do you work?
currently unemployed =(

Rate yourself 1-10. 10 Being the best. Explain why.
uhm. i'd go with a 7 or so because i have a fucking awesome personality. yeah i really do. an interesting fact(well maybe kinda dumb but oh well)--> i even won best personality at my last school. but now i go to a catholic school and yeah.. thats self explanitory. and i make people laugh a lot and im nice and special. but i do tend to babble quite a bit.

Why the fuck should you be accepted?
because im an awesome fuck-er i ride hoses! and you guys know you love me =X.. i hope?

Now, post 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself. ( If you don't post pictures you WILL NOT be accepted ).

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You`re very pretty but your
application bore me to death.
No. Sorry.
thanks anyways.
im a disgrace =/
i guess

No, you definately are not a disgrace. :]
Just make your application a little more
interesting so we`ll know more about you.
yeah. i just kinda went through and re-did it/added more. i realized that before i was being lazy. maybe this could sway you?..

Okay YES. :D

it doesnt seem like you have a good personality

& i dont love you, actually, you suck

Eh, I say yes you are adorable
and I'm allowed to be nice,
so fuck 'em. & THE PANTS=HOT.
good god yes. O_< trading spaces? got my vote

Why not? You're pretty, but you bored me to hell.. but I say yes anyways.

Accapted. <3
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