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I am an awesome fuck.

Name; Nickolai
Location; shit, wherever Kris is from

List 5 of your favorite bands: At the Drive In, Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy, A static Lullaby, Thursday (=X) many more. I won't bore you
List 5 of your favorite movies: O_o I do not watch television.
List 3 T.V shows you watch: ^^^
Favorite Color: magenta
Favorite Store: Fred Meyers.
Favorite Food: Sardines

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Why?-- Thom Yorke, I love Radiohead.
What's something awesome you have done currently? --- posted here?
Where do you work? - in my house.
Rate yourself 1-10. 10 Being the best. Explain why. - 1, for loving emo music.
Why the fuck should you be accepted?

because rating communities rock. oh wait.

nevermind. I must say Awesomefucks is the stupidest community ever, only becasue the excessive swearing, awww. You guys must feel really cool with your community :)

no pictures for you. fuck you guys.
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